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Scene reviews
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Great clip! The bodysuit looks amazing dry and absolutely astonishing when wet. Camille has the most incredibly perfect physique for that suit and an astoundingly exquisite smile.
-Viscocity    Friday    
Rose in a Sports Bra? Take my Money!
Holy Wowww! Rose in a sports bra? Take my money! I'm there! Fans of this cutie-pie will delight at seeing this much of her. What a beautiful gal! Jumping in off the side, with some nice underwater swimming moments and some nice topside surface-breaks when she comes up dripping wet, gasping for air. My God, I love that. All of that! Wow! I was not compensated for this review, btw. I'm purely compelled by a passion for Underwater Fetish content and the noteworthy talent out there who make dreams come true. This gal Rose is as dreamy as they come!
-MrBubblicious    9 days ago    
Sexy sports wear wet and bare foot
Rose looks great in her sexy sports bra and tight leggings showing off her sexy ass. She is wearing running shoes and is sockless. She jumps in the pool fully-clothed getting immediately wet. Swimming around she gets out to remove her shoes and show off her sexy bare feet before jumping back in. We get underwater shots of her swimming past us and also from the rear as we see her beautiful bare soles. She gets out plenty of times giving the camera plenty of opportunity to pan up and down her sexy wet body. I just can't get enough of this beautiful goddess.
-muddyfeet    13 days ago    
Sexy gal cooling off in the pool
Oh my! Sexy Rose in a sexy red dress with a huge split clear up to the top. Standing tall and showing off her sexy leg in open toed heels. We get nice shots of her feet in her shoes while she gets her dress and lovely hair all wet in the pool. One can get very excited thinking about jumping in and joining her. On occasion her top slips down and you get the ever so slight aureola sighting peaking up from the top. Plenty of getting out and jumping back in to satisfy you. Rose is a true natural!
-muddyfeet    13 days ago    
Classy dolled up woman teasing you wet in the pool.
Rose is the kind of classy woman, that if she was your partner you'd cherish her and take extra good care of her. It's great to fantasize about Rose being your girl at a fancy party all dressed up in leather and open toed high heel shoes showing off her sexy bare feet. Then, all of a sudden, she feels like taking a dip in the pool fully-clothed. Her beautiful face and lovely hair all wet. Swimming and frolicking in the water. Getting out and jumping back in. Teasing you in that sexy wet body of hers. A sight you definitely don't want to miss.
-muddyfeet    13 days ago    
Natalie's Head-to-Toe Wet Look
Love that Natalie! So pretty, so smiley, such a joy to watch onscreen. This full-coverage outfit is a blast for wet look fanatics and, as always, I love seeing Natalie's natural curly hair in the water. Beautiful! These Natalie videos are so inviting. I had a summer of jumping in pools with all my clothes on. Natalie is making me want to do that again. What a cutie-pie! P.S. WetlookFashion did not put me up to this, btw. I'm not being compensated for this review in any way.
-MrBubblicious    17 days ago    
Come in and Play with this Pretty Gal!
Man, this charms me like crazy. Love that Rose, of course, and her super-sexy outfit. I love her more 'au natural' makeup in this one, and her hairstyle really shows much more of her face than distracting from it. Super-pretty gal. There some great underwater swimming in this one, as well as Rose being particularly cutesy adorable, and making those sexy gaspy sounds I love so much every time she comes up for air. Beach ball is a nice touch. Who wouldn't want to play with the beach ball with this great gal? P.S. WetlookFashion did not put me up to this, nor am I being compensated for this review in any way.
-MrBubblicious    17 days ago    
Omg, Rose is dreamy!
I love these Rose videos. She is such a beautiful, adorable woman. I love watching her hold her nose and jump in off the side, and all the gaspy, breathy sounds she makes; there's a sexy vocality even in just the sounds of her breathing, echoing in that big room. These WetlookFashion videos with Rose have a whole sensory *thing* happening that is quietly sensual. I love this stuff. P.S. WetlookFashion did not put me up to this, nor am I being compensated in any way.
-MrBubblicious    17 days ago    
Get Up Close and Personal with this Super Sexy Girl!
I love a sexy surface-break, and I'm wild about how many times Rose comes up from underwater right in front of the camera, seeing the sheen on her face, gleaming, the brightness of her eyes and her smile, the sound of her breathing/the sound of her voice, her laugh. This video feels so sexy, so intimate because of the camera's close proximity with this radiant talent.
-MrBubblicious    5/20/24    
Wow Wow Wow! Unquestionably the hottest Rose video yet!
I've been loving these Rose wet look videos. She is such a strikingly beautiful talent, and an endlessly enchanting woman. As compared to Rose's other videos, this video raises the bar for a bunch of reasons: I love seeing Rose's natural hair like this, and hearing her super-sexy, kind of raspy voice. This video has a lot of notably sexy vocal sounds and sounds of her breathing. There are a couple super-sexy breathy/gaspy moments, including one when she pops up pretty close to the camera after having been submerged. It's unquestionably the hottest Rose video yet, Imo, because of stuff like that. There's also notably some great underwater swimming and posing, some great puffy cheeks and nose-pinching also: all that aquaphile stuff I love so much. She looks unbelievable in that dress too: Sexy, swanky, and sophisticated. I really hope to see more of these great Rose videos. She's really something special, and her skill and comfort-level doing this seems to have increased enormously. I could watch her do this all day/every day. Just Wow! Stunning!
-MrBubblicious    5/19/24    
I Love Natalie; she looks awesome in this outfit too!
Love that Natalie! I love her smiley, playful vibe and her natural hair. I love seeing her submerge and come up with her cheeks puffed out, her hair spilling onto her shoulders. Natalie reminds me of a friend of mine from years ago who I had a major crush on; there's a likable authenticity she has which is captivating, charismatic. You'll want to dive in the pool with Natalie, to bask in the sun with this fun, enchanting gal. I sure do! P.S. I'm not being compensated in any way for this review.
-MrBubblicious    5/10/24    
You'll Love this dreamy, adorable girl!
Omg, what a cutie-pie! This is my second Rose video I bought (I love the Denim Jacket one too). One look at this girl and you've got a crush on her. One smile and you'll lose your Mind! I love seeing her hold her nose and go underwater, come up with her hair in her eyes. She's relentlessly adorable: Such a dreamy, dreamy girl. You'll want to dive and and scoop her out of the water and carry her off into the sunset. Wonderful!

P.S. I'm not being compensated for this review in any way.
-MrBubblicious    5/10/24    
Gigi stuns in red!
I have to say, this team is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers! Gigi was amazing from start to finish and really brought a sense of class and authenticity to the whole shoot. She looked quite stunning in her dress and seeing it cling to her body with the natural sunlight coming through the windows in a couple shots was peak wetlook. Looking forward to hopefully seeing her in more material in the future. Gotta give props to the camera work as well, love how it follows Gigi above and below water and captures some intimate close-ups and sexy low angles in a few of her poses. All around, another excellent video from the team at WetlookFashion and one that any formal wear fans should enjoy as well.
-TommyH20    4/25/24    
Fantastic for all formal wetlook fans
To preface, I absolutely love wetlook films especially when it involves formal wear. One of the early WetlookFashion videos of Nathalie in a red dress remains one of my all time favorites. So of course when I saw that a new video was released that involved a bridesmaid dress I wasted no time at all to make my purchase and I'm very glad I did.

Camille was fabulous, from the way she would occasionally look at the camera, to when she would stop to pose or inspect the dress clinging against her body. It was all very genuine and Camille confidently owned the spotlight. There isn't any crazy scenario or over exaggerated story, it's a simple swim in the pool with a gorgeous model in a beautiful outfit and to me that's what wetlook is all about. 5/5.
-TommyH20    4/16/24    
More Reyna please, ill pay
The lightning could be better but it was nice seeing her have fun, more from her would be appreciated.
-zaquensis    2/18/24    
Great premise that makes for an elevated wetlook experience!
I want to first highlight the most important thing for me about this set which really takes this wetlook to the next level which is the unique premise of training for a swimming competition. I feel that it makes the scenario a lot more plausible as if it's happening as a real-life situation so there's a candid aspect to it. Mandi's comments about her clothes and reminding us of the swimming competition training really sells it and adds a layer of depth that most wetlook lacks. The great closeups of her red jeans and boots along her comments that say they're supposed to make her faster are both humourous and attractive. The sound detail is impeccable as you can hear the tight fabric stretching and boots squelching as she moves in and out of the water. It's always great to see hard swimming in the water and seeing how the clothes react along with the person wearing them! Despite the unexpected wardrobe malfunctions, Mandi does a great job dealing with her clothes them pressing forward with the training! I like to think that she wore clothes thinking that they would make her faster in the water only to slow her down and make the training session even tougher! Maybe next time, Mandi or someone else will use this to their advantage and do some more swimming training in some extra heavy clothing like bigger boots or a heavy winter jacket or skirt for an extra challenge. ;)
-randsco    12/8/23    
Exceptional formalwear Wetlook!
At first, I balked at the price. Then I saw that the video is almost Twenty Minutes Long!

Natalie is wonderful. She rarely looks at the camera, but when she does it's totally genuine. Often she looks shy. At other times she seemed to sense the lust of the viewer.

Beginning on a lounge she's completely dry. She slowly gets a little wetter. The pace of how long it takes to wet her gown completely is perfect, in my opinion.

It's halfway through before she goes completely under and wets her hair. That's when I realized her attention to detail. In addition to the dress, she has on nylons and heels. She's wearing two necklaces as well as a pair of earrings that are much larger than they appear in the preview pics. Shortly after going underwater, she moves to the side of the pool and carefully removes Eight hair pins that held that fancy ponytail in place! Thanks *so* much for that!

Lots of underwater photography in the latter half. What I particularly enjoyed was that the camera followed her down, and then back up where she surfaced twice with a lot of hair in her face.

This video ticked a Lot of boxes for me. I sincerely hope that she has other formal clothing in her wardrobe that she's willing to swim in!

I am not being compensated for this review. It's just damn good wetlook!

- Furai.
-furai    11/21/22    
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